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Vehicle for Topical Preparations

List of Drugs with Vehicle for Topical Preparations- generic salt/ molecule/chemical/health-medicine.

Absorbase- Carolina Medical Products
Aquabase- Avene Laboratoires Dermatologiques
Aquaphilic- Medco Laboratories
Biobase- Bioderma Laboratoire Dermatologique
C-Solve- Syosset Laboratories
Dermabase- Paddock Laboratories
Dermovan- Healthpoint Medical
E-Solve- Syosset Laboratories
Heb- Wesley Pharmacal
Hydran- Orion Pharma
Hydrocream- Paddock Laboratories
Hydrophilic- Watson Pharmaceuticals
Locobase- Algol Pharma
Solumol- Genesis Pharmaceuticals
Unibase- Warner Chilcott
Velvachol- Healthpoint Medical

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