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Vagistat - 3 - Novartis

The drug brand named Vagistat - 3 contains generic salt - Miconazole Nitrate and is manufactured by Novartis.Vagistat - 3 is mainly associated with symptoms and indications - The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) - A01AB09 - Miconazole.

Generic Salts

Miconazole Nitrate

Available types of drugs

Cream; Topical; Miconazole Nitrate 2%
Suppositories; Rectal; Miconazole Nitrate 200 mg

Medical categories

Human Drug
Acne treatment preparations
Preparations for vaginal conditions
Systemic imidazole derivative antimycotics
Treatment of mycotic infections
Topical antifungals and antiparasites
Treatment of mycotic infections
Usage - Diseases
A01AB09 - Miconazole
A07AC01 - Miconazole
D01AC02 - Miconazole
G01AF04 - Miconazole
J02AB01 - Miconazole
S02AA13 - Miconazole

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