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Universal Pharmaceuticals

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Universal Pharmaceuticals- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Sinu-Flu- Acetaminophen
SB 3 Triple Action Pills- Aloin
Coff-Up- Ammonium Chloride
SB Cirogin Cough Mixture- Ammonium Chloride
SB Blood Purifying Mixture- Ammonium Citrate
Collodyne- Bismuth Subcarbonate
Universal Eye Drops- Boric Acid
Universal Concentration Tablets- Caffeine
SB Diarrhoea Mixture- Calcium Carbonate
SB Rheumatic Ointment- Camphor
SB Shisalene- Camphor
SB Toothache Drops- Chloroform
SB Universal Ointment- Coal Tar
Collodene- Kaolin Light
SB Laxative Mixture- Magnesium Sulfate
Universal Nasal Drops- Naphazoline Nitrate
Universal Earache Drops- Phenazone
SB Aurico Ear Drops- Phenol
SB Strong-Lax- Phenolphthalein Yellow
Contra-Coff- Pholcodine
SB Tox Worm- Piperazine Citrate
SB Unola Corn Remover- Salicylic Acid
SB Gripe Water- Sodium Bicarbonate

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