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Salicylic Acid

List of Drugs with Salicylic Acid- generic salt/ molecule/chemical/health-medicine.

A Curitybina Paste- Uniao Quimica Farmaceutica Nacional
Acnaveen- Derma UK
Acne- Florish
Acne Cream- Louis Widmer Laboratoires
Acne Creme- Louis Widmer Laboratoires
Acne Medicated Gel- TP Health
Acne Pads- Flageoli
Acne Solutions- Clinique Laboratories
Acne Treatment Cream- Bio Care Clinic
Acne Wash- Flageoli
Acnex- Dermtek Pharmaceuticals
Acnil- Mediphar
Acnil Soap- Mediphar
Acnisal- Alliance Pharmaceuticals
Acno- IVAX
Acnomel Acnee Mask- Chattem
Acnopur Lotion Exfoliante Clarifiante- Biotherm
Acnopur Soin Hydratant Regulateur- Biotherm
Acnopur Traitement Urgence Acne- Biotherm
Adaptoplast- Vican
Adasept Acne Gel- Odan Laboratories
A-Derma Pain Salicylique- Pierre Fabre
Advanced Pain Relief Callus Removers- Unknown
Advanced Pain Relief Corn Removers- Unknown
Aknecin- Dermopen Divisao Farmaceutica
Aknefug-Liquid- Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel
Aknelan Lotio- Beiersdorf
Aknin Ointment- Sanofi-Aventis
Albicort Compositum- Sanofi-Aventis
Albicort Oticum- Sanofi-Aventis
Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Clearing Compact- Revlon
Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Clearing Makeup- Revlon
Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Clearing Pressed Powder- Revlon
Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Clearing Spot Concealer- Revlon
Almay Hypo-Allergen Oil Stop Anti-Acne Gel- Almay Toronto
Almay Hypo-Allergenic Clean-Out- Almay Toronto
Almay Hypo-Allergenic Extra Clear- Almay Toronto
Almay Stay Clean Medicated Pore Strips- Almay Toronto
Antalyre- Boehringer Ingelheim
Anti Acne Control Formula- Clinique Laboratories
Anti Acne Spot Treatment- Clinique Laboratories
Anti-Acne Formula for Men- Clinique Laboratories
Anti-Acne Formula-Light- Clinique Laboratories
Anti-Acne Formula-Medium- Clinique Laboratories
Anti-White Spot- Beacons Pharmaceuticals
Artistry Blemish Control- Access Business Group
ATS- Recordati
Aveda Balancing Infusion Acne Treatment- Aveda
Aveeno Acne Treatment Bar- Johnson & Johnson
Aveeno Cleansing Bar for Acne-Prone Skin- Johnson & Johnson
Avon Anew Perfecting Lotion for Problem Skin- Avon
Avon Clear Finish Great Complexion Concealer- Avon
Avon Clear Finish Great Complexion Foundation- Avon
Avon Clear Finish Oil-Free Foundation- Avon
Avon Clearskin 2 Medicated Gel Wash- Avon
Avon Clearskin 2 Triple Action Astringent Cleansing Lotion- Avon
Avon Clearskin Astringent Cleansing Lotion Extra Strength- Avon
Avon Clearskin Cleansing Pads- Avon
Avon Clearskin Invisible Blemish Corrector- Avon
Avon Clearskin Overnight Acne Treatment- Avon
Avon Clearskin Overnight Blemish Treatment- Avon
Avon Clearskin Purifying Astringent- Avon

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