List of Drugs with Papain- generic salt/ molecule/chemical/health-medicine.

Accuzyme- Healthpoint Medical
AllanEnzyme- Allan Pharmaceutical
Allergan Enzymatic- Allergan
Bausch and Lomb Softlens Cleaning Tablets- Bausch and Lomb
Beazyme- Upha Corporation
Cacital- Pfizer
Digest Aid Chewable- Swiss Herbal Remedies
Enzyme De Papaye- Gerbex Produits
Ethezyme- Ethex
Eurolase- Europharm Laboratories
Gladase- Glades Pharmaceuticals
GNC Natural Brand Chewable Papaya Enzyme- General Nutrition
Hydrocare Enzymatic Protein Remover- Allergan
Hydrocare Fizzy Protein Remover- Allergan
Hydrocare Protein Remover- Allergan
Master Key Formula 3- Nutrition for Life International
Nematolyt- Unknown
Panafil-White- Rystan
Papaya Enzyme- BioForce Services
Papaya Enzyme- Carmaran
Papaya Enzyme- Health-Wise Nutrition
Papaya Enzyme- Les Laboratoires Bio-Sante
Papaya Enzyme- Pharmetics
Papaya Enzyme- Swiss Herbal Remedies
Papayotin- Unknown
Papenzima- Pfizer
Penetradol- Fournier
ProFree- Allergan
Solarcaine Stop Itch- Schering-Plough
Solarcaine Stop Itch First Aid Lotion- Schering-Plough
Solustres- Finadiet
Stop Itch- Schering-Plough
Super Papaya Enzyme- Swiss Herbal Remedies
Tromasin- Pfizer
Tromasin SA- Pfizer
Velardon- Unknown
Vermizym- Bittermedizin Arzneimittel Vertriebs

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