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Oyster Shells

List of Drugs with Oyster Shells- generic salt/ molecule/chemical/health-medicine.

Cal Carb Tabs- Kroeger Herb Products
Calc. Carb.- A. Nelson & Co.
Calcarea Carbonica- Bio Lonreco
Calcarea Carbonica- Boericke and Tafel
Calcarea Carbonica- Curanderos
Calcarea Carbonica- Dolisos
Calcarea Carbonica- Homeocan
Calcarea Carbonica- Standard Homeopathic
Calcarea Carbonica- Total Health Centre
Calcarea Carbonica Homaccord- Naturpharm
Calcium Carbonicum- Seroyal
Calcium Carbonicum Injeel Forte- Biologische Heilmittel Heel
Nature's Formula Oyster Shells- General Homeopathic Corporation
Nature's Formula Vagi- General Homeopathic Corporation
Urtica Comp. Pellets- Wala Heilmittel

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