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List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Octapharma- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Albuminativ- Albumin
Albumin Human- Albumin Human
Octalbin- Albumin Human
Octalbine- Albumin Human
Octaglob-D- Anti-D Immune Globulin
Partogloman- Anti-D Immune Globulin
Wilate- Antihemophilic Factor Human
Atenativ- Antithrombin III
Octati- Antithrombin III Human
Octaplex- Coagulation Factor II Human
Octaplex 500- Coagulation Factor II Human
Octanyne- Coagulation Factor IX
Octafix- Coagulation Factor IX Human
Octanine- Coagulation Factor IX Human
Octanine F- Coagulation Factor IX Human
Octanine F filtered- Coagulation Factor IX Human
Octavi- Coagulation Factor VIII
Octonativ-M- Coagulation Factor VIII
Octanate- Coagulation Factor VIII Human
Octaplas- Glycine
Gammanorm- Immune Globulin Human
Octagam- Immune Globulin Human Normal
Gammaglobulin- Immune Globulin Normal
Gammonativ- Immune Globulin Normal
Tetagloman- Tetanus Immune Globulin

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