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O - Phenylphenol

List of Drugs with O-Phenylphenol- generic salt/ molecule/chemical/health-medicine.

Aerium- L. Morency & Fils
Allstar Hospital Disinfectant- Unisource Canada
Amocid- Lysoform Dr. Hans Rosemann
Andis Cool Care Plus for Clipper Blades- Andis Company
Anthrapole 73- Unknown
Asepti-Steryl- Ecolab
Birex Se- Biotrol
Combat- Lalema
Dorvicide A- Unknown
Dowicide- Unknown
Esofenol Ferri- Esoform
Germist A214 Hard Surface Disinfect Spray- Naschem
Glist Bouquet Aerosol- Empire Intern
Guide- Lalema
Hospi Septic G- Copeland Laboratories
Instrunet Mains- Smith & Nephew
Invalon OP- Unknown
Ione-X- Megalab
Kilbac Surface Disinfectant and Air Deodorizing Spray- Wood Wyant
Klinic- Orbit Chemical Specialties
L 701 Disinfectant Deodorizer- Lilo Products
LPH AG- STERIS Corporation
LPHAG- STERIS Corporation
Manusept- Bode Chemie
Medaphene Plus Disinfectant Deodorant- ITW Dymon
Medaphene Plus Disinfectant Spray- ITW Dymon
Nectryl- Unknown
Nu-Air- Star Industries 1997
O-Xenol- Unknown
O-Xonal- Unknown
Pursue Disinfectant / Deodorizer Spray- Quixtar Canada
Reaction- Lalema
Remol TRF- Unknown
Sani Kleen- GP Chemicals Specialty
Septrol- Wheels Maintenance Products
Stellisept- Beiersdorf
Surf- Wedgco Chem
Tetrosin OE- Unknown
Torsite- Unknown
TRB 503- Trojan Chemicals
Vcanalare- Vebas
Vesta-Syde Interim Instrument Decontamination Solution- STERIS Corporation

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