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List of Drugs with Nicotine- generic salt/ molecule/chemical/health-medicine.

Black Leaf- Unknown
Boots NicAssist- Pfizer
Boots NicAssist Inhalator- Pfizer
Campbell's Nico-Soap- Unknown
Destruxol Orchid Spray- Unknown
Emo-Nik- Unknown
Flux Maag- Unknown
Fumetobac- Unknown
Habitrol- Novartis
Habitrol-Day- Novartis
Mach-Nic- Unknown
Niagara P.A. Dust- Unknown
Nicabate- GlaxoSmithKline
Nicabate CQ- GlaxoSmithKline
Nicabate CQ Clear- GlaxoSmithKline
Nicabate CQ Lozenges- GlaxoSmithKline
Nicocide- Unknown
Nicoderm- Pfizer
Nicoderm CQ- Sanofi-Aventis
Nicoderm Day TRD Pad- Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Nicodisc- Lacer
Nico-Dust- Unknown
Nico-Fume- Unknown
Nicogum- Pierre Fabre
Nicolan- Pfizer
Niconil- Elan Pharmaceuticals
Nicopass- Pierre Fabre
Nicopatch- Pierre Fabre
Nicorette- Pfizer
Nicorette Classic- Johnson & Johnson
Nicorette Depotpflaster- Pfizer
Nicorette Depot-Pflaster- Pfizer
Nicorette DS- Pfizer
Nicorette Inhalador- Pfizer
Nicorette Inhalationen- Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Nicorette Inhalator- Pfizer
Nicorette Inhaler- Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Nicorette Inhaleur- Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Nicorette Nasal Spray- Pfizer
Nicorette Patch- Pfizer
Nicorette Plus- Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
Nicostop TTS- Drossapharm
Nicotina Liquid- Kroeger Herb Products
Nicotine- Sano
Nicotinell- Novartis
Nicotinell Chicles- Novartis
Nicotinell Gum Fruit- Novartis
Nicotinell Gum Mint- Novartis
Nicotinell Mint Lozenge- Novartis
Nicotinell Pflaster- Novartis
Nicotinell Pflaster Leicht- Novartis
Nicotinell Pflaster Mittel- Novartis
Nicotinell Pflaster Stark- Novartis
Nicotinell TTS- Novartis
Nicotinum- Boiron
Nicotinum- Dolisos
Nicotinum- Standard Homeopathic
Nicotrans- Pfizer
Nicotrol- Pfizer
Nicotrol NS- Pfizer
Nicotrol Transdermal Patch- Pfizer
Nic-Sal- Unknown
Nikofrenon- Sanavita
Nikotin- Unknown
Nikotyna- Unknown
NiQuitin- GlaxoSmithKline
NiQuitin CQ- GlaxoSmithKline
NiQuitin CQ Clear- GlaxoSmithKline
NiQuitin CQ Mint Gum- GlaxoSmithKline
NiQuitin Przezroczysty- GlaxoSmithKline
Prostep- Elan Pharmaceuticals
Prostep TRD- Elan Pharmaceuticals
Quit- Aspen Pharmacare
QuitX- Alphapharm
Stoppers- Pfizer
Stubit- J. Pickles & Sons
Tendust- Unknown
Transdermal Nicotine Patch- Coin Pharmaceuticals
Transdermal Nicotine Patch- Novartis

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