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J. Pickles & Sons

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by J. Pickles & Sons- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Pickles Smelling Salts- Ammonium Hydroxide
Snowfire- Benzoin
Mijex Extra- Butylacetylamino Propionate
Swarm- Calamine
No-Sor Vapour Rub- Camphor
Fiery Jack Cream- Capsicum Oleoresin
Soothake Toothache Tincture- Clove Oil
Pickles Corn Caps- Colophony
Healthy Feet- Dibrompropamidine Isethionate
No-Sor Nose Balm- Dibrompropamidine Isethionate
Pickles Antiseptic Cream- Dibrompropamidine Isethionate
Mijex- Diethyltoluamide
Nasal Inhaler- Eucalyptus
Colsor- Menthol
Pickles Chilblain Cream- Methyl Nicotinate
Stubit- Nicotine
SCR- Salicylic Acid
Verrugon- Salicylic Acid

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