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Genesis Pharmaceuticals

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Genesis Pharmaceuticals- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Seale's Lotion- Borax
Verr-Canth- Cantharidin
Verrusol- Cantharidin
Creamy Tar- Coal Tar
Duplex T- Coal Tar
SLT- Coal Tar
Sofenol- Emollient
DuraScreen SPF 30- Ensulizole
Lactisol- Lactic Acid
Mag-Caps- Magnesium Oxide
Acnotex- Methylbenzethonium Chloride
Drytex- Methylbenzethonium Chloride
Finac- Methylbenzethonium Chloride
DuraScreen SPF 15- Octinoxate
SUNPRuF SPF 15- Octinoxate
SUNPRuF SPF 17- Octinoxate
Pod-Ben-25- Podophyllum Resin
Verrex- Podophyllum Resin
Sal-Clens- Salicylic Acid
Therac- Salicylic Acid
Ceta- Skin Cleanser
Drytergent- Skin Cleanser
Duplex- Skin Cleanser
Sulfoil- Skin Cleanser Soap-free
Acne Lotion 10- Sulfur
Sulmasque- Sulfur
Hydropel- Topical Barrier Preparation
Solumol- Vehicle for Topical Preparations

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