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Galpha Laboratories

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Galpha Laboratories- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Potamp- Ampicillin
Potamp Plus- Ampicillin
A to Z NS Syrup- Carbohydrates
Ceftriaxone- Ceftriaxone Sodium
Pandostal- Domperidone
Pandostal-OD- Domperidone
Rapidoxyn- Doxycycline
A to Z NS Tablets- Folic Acid
Lerzin- Levocetirizine
Algyfree- Loratadine
Sucoba- Methylcobalamin
Bcolen Plus- Multivitamins
Bcolen-M- Multivitamins
Tizflox- Norfloxacin
Valdepain- Valdecoxib

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