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G.R. Lane Health Products

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by G.R. Lane Health Products- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Top C- Acerola
Dual-Lax Extra Strong- Aloin
Modern Herbals Laxative- Aloin
Modern Herbals Cold and Catarrh- Althaea
Sinotar- Althaea
Biobalm- Althaea Root
Digest- Althaea Root
Garlodex- Althaea Root
Aqua Ban- Ammonium Chloride
Honey and Molasses- Anise Oil
Aqua Ban Herbal- Bearberry
Cascade- Bearberry
Modern Herbals Water Retention- Bearberry
Heemex- Benzoin Compound Tincture
Modern Herbals Pile Ointment- Benzoin Compound Tincture
Arocin- Beta-Carotene
Olbas Blackcurrant Pastilles- Betula
Olbas Oel- Betula
Olbas Oil- Betula
Olbas Pastilles- Betula
Charabs- Caffeine
Olbas for Children- Cajeput Oil
Olbas Inhaler- Cajeput Oil
Balto Foot Balm- Camphor
Gonne Balm- Camphor
Kleer Cream- Camphor
Modern Herbals Muscular Pain- Camphor
Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Cream- Camphor
Dual-Lax Normal Strength- Cape Aloe
Modern Herbals Pile Tablets- Cascara
Pileabs- Cascara Sagrada
Vegetex- Celery
Modern Herbals Rheumatic Pain- Celery Leaf
Modern Herbals Trapped Wind and Indigestion- Charcoal Activated
Liminate- Chondrus
Athera- Clivers
Modern Herbals Menopause- Clivers
Kleer- Echinacea
Lustys Herbalene- Fennel
Preconceive- Folic Acid
Kalms- Gentian Powdered Extract
Kalms Sleep- Hops Powder
Modern Herbals Cough Mixture- Ipecacuanha
Herbelix- Lobelia
Modern Herbals Cold and Congestion- Lobelia
Quiet Life- Lupulus
Biofreeze- Mate
Modern Herbals Stress- Motherwort
SuNerven- Motherwort
Modern Herbals Sleep Aid- Passion Flower
Naturest- Passion Flower
Triovit- Vitamin A

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