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Erystamine - K - Viostam K. Mpougia

The drug brand named Erystamine-K contains generic salt-Cromolyn Sodium and is manufactured by Viostam K. Mpougia.
Erystamine-K is mainly associated with symptoms and indications-The International Classification of Diseases (ICD)- A07EB01-Cromoglicic Acid.

Generic Salts

Cromolyn Sodium

Available types of drugs

N / A

Medical categories

Human Drug
Antiasthmatic and COPD preparations
Mast-Cell stabilizers
Nasal decongestants
Nasal decongestants and other nasal preparations
Ophthalmic decongestants, anesthetics, anti-inflammatories
Topical antiallergic preparations, excluding corticosteroids


A07EB01-Cromoglicic Acid
R01AC01-Cromoglicic Acid
S01GX01-Cromoglicic Acid
Viostam K. Mpougia

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