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Endo Pharmaceuticals

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Hycomine Compound- Acetaminophen
Hydrocodone; Acetaminophen- Acetaminophen
Oxycodone; Acetaminophen- Acetaminophen
Zydone- Acetaminophen
Aspirin; Oxycodone- Aspirin
Butalbital, Aspirin, Codeine- Aspirin
Captopril- Captopril
Captopril; Hydrochlorothiazide- Captopril
Cimetidine- Cimetidine Hydrochloride
Dextroamphetamine- Dextroamphetamine Sulfate
Etodolac- Etodolac
Frova- Frovatriptan Succinate
Glipizide- Glipizide
Hycotuss- Guaifenesin
Supprelin LA- Histrelin Acetate
Vantas- Histrelin Acetate
Hycomine- Hydrocodone Bitartrate
Hycomine Pediatric- Hydrocodone Bitartrate
Letrozole- Letrozole
Lidoderm- Lidocaine
Moban- Molindone Hydrochloride
DepoDur- Morphine Sulfate
Morphine- Morphine Sulfate
Mycophenolate- Mycophenolic Acid (Mycophenolate Mofetil)
Endocodone- Oxycodone Hydrochloride
Oxycodone- Oxycodone Hydrochloride
Percolone- Oxycodone Hydrochloride
Opana- Oxymorphone Hydrochloride
Opana ER- Oxymorphone Hydrochloride
Carbex- Selegiline Hydrochloride
Selegiline- Selegiline Hydrochloride
Fortesta- Testosterone

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