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Calcium Hydroxide

List of Drugs with Calcium Hydroxide- generic salt/ molecule/chemical/health-medicine.

Aviril H Ointment- Zentiva
Bell Mine- Unknown
Biocalc- Unknown
Calbit- Unknown
Calcarea Caustica- Boiron
Calcarea Caustica- Dolisos
Calcarea Caustica- Standard Homeopathic
Calkyl- Unknown
Dehorning PST Dr Naylors- H W Naylor
Dermacare Cream- Psychotropics India
Dermi-Cyl- Pharma Liebermann
Dermi-Cyl Allerg- Pharma Liebermann
D-Horn Paste- Dominion Veterinary Laboratories
Eau De Chaux- Atlas Laboratoire
Homeopathic Medicine S No. 463- Total Health Centre
Hydralime- Unknown
Hydrated Lime- Unknown
Hydroxyline- George Taub Products & Fusion
Kemikal- Unknown
Limbux- Unknown
Lime Hydrate- Unknown
Lime Milk- Unknown
Lime Water- Unknown
Lipocal- Representaciones Mex-America
Oleocal- Representaciones Mex-America
Oleoderm- Representaciones Mex-America
Oleoderm Crema- Representaciones Mex-America
Oleoderm Jabon- Representaciones Mex-America
Oxyplastine- Bournonville Eumedica
Slaked Lime- Unknown
Stomidros- Gruppo Stomygen
Super Microstar- Unknown
Yukijirushisakanyo- Unknown

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