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Beacons Pharmaceuticals

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Beacons Pharmaceuticals- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Anarex- Acetaminophen
Beacons- Acetaminophen
Beaflu Plus- Acetaminophen
Beagenco- Acetaminophen
Chlornamol- Acetaminophen
Conda- Acetaminophen
Double Parrot Brand Adult Fever- Acetaminophen
Double Parrot Brand Children Fever- Acetaminophen
Headache- Acetaminophen
Panaco- Acetaminophen
Panamol- Acetaminophen
Panamol Forte- Acetaminophen
Ricoflu Colds and Flu Relief- Acetaminophen
Senkon Junior Fever- Acetaminophen
Sunny Fever- Acetaminophen
Sunny Paracetamol- Acetaminophen
Uniflu Colds and Flu- Acetaminophen
Yinchi Brand Fever and Cold's- Acetaminophen
BeaRAX- Acyclovir
Venderol- Albuterol
Allopurinol- Allopurinol
Alumag- Aluminum Hydroxide
Alumag Plus- Aluminum Hydroxide
Baby Brand Antacid- Aluminum Hydroxide
Polysilic- Aluminum Hydroxide
Polysilic III- Aluminum Hydroxide
Semor Stomach- Aluminum Hydroxide
Vi-Ron Stomach- Aluminum Hydroxide
Vyling Gastric- Aluminum Hydroxide
Vyling Vyfunsil- Aluminum Hydroxide
Welusil- Aluminum Hydroxide
Beacons Cough Mixture- Ammonium Chloride
Beanamine Expectorant- Ammonium Chloride
Pico's Children's Cough- Ammonium Chloride
Pico's Cough- Ammonium Chloride
Robinson Cough- Ammonium Chloride
Robi's Cough- Ammonium Chloride
Sunny Children Cough- Ammonium Chloride
Veelanz's Cough Syrup- Ammonium Chloride
Vyling Anti-Cough Menthol- Ammonium Chloride
Williams Cough- Ammonium Chloride
Apple Cider Vinegar Diet- Apple Cider Vinegar
Aspirin EC- Aspirin
Atenolol- Atenolol
Beamotil- Atropine Sulfate
E.T.D.- Benzoic Acid
Poly-N- Benzoic Acid
Robinson Ringworm and Whitespot Ointment- Benzoic Acid
Veelanz's Ointment- Benzoic Acid
Benzyl Benzoate Application- Benzyl Benzoate
Betamethasone- Betamethasone
B-Tasone-G- Betamethasone Valerate
Tri-Micon- Betamethasone Valerate
Bisacodyl- Bisacodyl
Dilax- Bisacodyl
Ebolin- Bisacodyl
S.L. Laxative- Bisacodyl
Sunny Laxative- Bisacodyl
Unilax- Bisacodyl
Bromhexine- Bromhexine Hydrochloride
Buclizine- Buclizine Hydrochloride
Calamine and Menthol Lotion- Calamine
Calamine Cream- Calamine
Gummi King Calcium + Vitamin D- Calcium
Gummi King Multi-Vitamin- Calcium
Calcium + D- Calcium (Calcium Carbonate)
Calcium Aspartate- Calcium Aspartate

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