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Adcock Ingram

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Adcock Ingram- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Adco-Dol- Acetaminophen
Adco-Flupain- Acetaminophen
Adco-Kiddipayne- Acetaminophen
Adco-Payne- Acetaminophen
Adco-Sinal Co- Acetaminophen
Asalen- Acetaminophen
Besemax- Acetaminophen
Besenol- Acetaminophen
Betaflex- Acetaminophen
Betapyn Syrup- Acetaminophen
Betapyn Tablets- Acetaminophen
Cetamine Syrup- Acetaminophen
Cetamine Tablets- Acetaminophen
Colcaps Syrup- Acetaminophen
Colcaps Tablets- Acetaminophen
Colcleer- Acetaminophen
Colstat- Acetaminophen
Dimiprol Tablets- Acetaminophen
Docdol- Acetaminophen
Dolerax- Acetaminophen
Doxyfene- Acetaminophen
Dynadol- Acetaminophen
Dynapayne Syrup- Acetaminophen
Dynapayne Tablets- Acetaminophen
Ennagesic- Acetaminophen
Entalgic- Acetaminophen
Famcod- Acetaminophen
Grippon Capsules- Acetaminophen
Grippon Syrup- Acetaminophen
Histamed Compound- Acetaminophen
Lentogesic Capsules- Acetaminophen
Lentogesic Syrup- Acetaminophen
Lesspain- Acetaminophen
Lotem- Acetaminophen
Medicod- Acetaminophen
Meprogesic- Acetaminophen
Mepromol Syrup- Acetaminophen
Mepromol Tablets- Acetaminophen
Mypaid- Acetaminophen
Myprodol- Acetaminophen
Napacod- Acetaminophen
Napamol- Acetaminophen
Nitecall- Acetaminophen
Nitrocod- Acetaminophen
Panado- Acetaminophen
Panado-Co- Acetaminophen
ParacetaCod- Acetaminophen
Paxidal- Acetaminophen
Prolief- Acetaminophen
Pynstop- Acetaminophen
Salterpyn Syrup- Acetaminophen
Salterpyn Tablets- Acetaminophen
Scriptogesic- Acetaminophen
Sinucon- Acetaminophen
Sinustop Tablets- Acetaminophen
Sinustop with Codeine- Acetaminophen
Spasmend- Acetaminophen
Stopayne- Acetaminophen
Stopayne Syrup- Acetaminophen
Synaleve Capsules- Acetaminophen
Synaleve Syrup- Acetaminophen
Synaleve Tablets- Acetaminophen
Synap- Acetaminophen
Syndette- Acetaminophen
Tenston SR- Acetaminophen
Tenston Syrup- Acetaminophen
Tenston Tablets- Acetaminophen
Trinagesic- Acetaminophen
Azomid- Acetazolamide
Covochol- Acetylcholine Chloride
Achromide- Acriflavine Chloride
AMS- Acriflavine Chloride
Acidex- Aluminum Hydroxide
Alusil- Aluminum Hydroxide
Aluspastyl- Aluminum Hydroxide
Dynagastrin- Aluminum Hydroxide
Gel-S- Aluminum Hydroxide
Kolantyl Gel- Aluminum Hydroxide
Kolantyl Wafers- Aluminum Hydroxide

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