Varitect – Biotest

The drug brand named Varitect contains generic salt – Immune Globulin Human and is manufactured by Biotest.Varitect is mainly associated with symptoms and indications – The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) – J06BA01 – Immunoglobulins, Normal Human, for extravascular administration.

Generic Salts

Immune Globulin Human
Varicella Zoster Antibody

Available types of drugs

Injectable; Infusion; 95%; 100 mg; 25 IU / ml

Medical categories

Human Drug
Vaccines, antisera and immunologicals
Usage – Diseases
J06BA01 – Immunoglobulins, Normal Human, for extravascular administration
J06BA02 – Immunoglobulins, Normal Human, for intravascular administration
J06BB03 – Varicella / Zoster immunoglobulin
Biogam Argentina
Boehringer Ingelheim
Chong Lap H.K.
Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Technology
Reg Pharma
S. Charoen Bhaesaj Trading
United Drug

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