Aeon Therapeutics (India) Pvt. Ltd. Medicine Brands List- Page 1

Aeon Therapeutics (India) Pvt. Ltd. Medicine Brands List

The following Branded Medicines are produced in the laboratory/ Pharma Company- Aeon Therapeutics (India) Pvt. Ltd., in India.

Domzole (20+10), Tablet, Domperidone

Generic: Domperidone --10 mg
Omeprazole --20 mg
Rate: Rs.4.2/1 Tablet

Gaflox (200 mg), Tablet, Gatifloxacin

Generic: Gatifloxacin --200 mg
Rate: Rs.7.8/1 Tablet

Serflam (100+15), Tablet, Serratiopeptidase

Generic: Serratiopeptidase --15 mg
Nimesulide --100 mg
Rate: Rs.4.9/1 Tablet

Serflam D (50+15), Tablet, Diclofenac Potassium

Generic: Diclofenac Potassium --50 mg
Serratiopeptidase --15 mg
Rate: Rs.4.9/1 Tablet

Tidox (100+600), Tablet, Doxycycline

Generic: Doxycycline --100 mg
Tinidazole --600 mg
Rate: Rs.5.5/1 Tablet

Tylicin (100 mg), Tablet, Aceclofenac

Generic: Aceclofenac --100 mg
Rate: Rs.2/1 Tablet

Tylicin A (100+650), Tablet, Acetaminophen

Generic: Acetaminophen --650 mg
Aceclofenac --100 mg
Rate: Rs.2.6/1 Tablet