Aegis Pharmaceuticals Medicine Brands List- Page 1

Aegis Pharmaceuticals Medicine Brands List

The following Branded Medicines are produced in the laboratory/ Pharma Company- Aegis Pharmaceuticals, in India.

Agimect (6 mg), Tablet, Ivermectin

Generic: Ivermectin --6 mg
Rate: Rs.27/1 Tablet

Agivit (5 mg), Tablet, Biotin

Generic: Biotin --5 mg
Rate: Rs.4.5/1 Tablet

Aprin, Tablet, Azathioprine

Generic: Azathioprine --50 mg
Rate: Rs.12.5/1 Tablet

Hyzine (10 mg) (Aegis), Tablet, Hydroxyzine

Generic: Hydroxyzine --10 mg
Rate: Rs.1.1/1 Tablet

Metpro (4 mg), Tablet, Methyl Prednisolone

Generic: Methyl Prednisolone --4 mg
Rate: Rs.8/1 Tablet

Vam (50 mg), Tablet, Levamisole

Generic: Levamisole --50 mg
Rate: Rs.8.5/1 Tablet