Acme Pharmaceuticals Medicine Brands List- Page 1

Acme Pharmaceuticals Medicine Brands List

The following Branded Medicines are produced in the laboratory/ Pharma Company- Acme Pharmaceuticals, in India.

Acfix (200 mg), Tablet, Cefixime

Generic: Cefixime --200 mg
Rate: Rs.17.5/1 Tablet

Actaz (1000 mg), Injection, Ceftazidime

Generic: Ceftazidime --1000 mg
Rate: Rs.275/1 Vial

Alzep (0.25 mg), Tablet, Alprazolam

Generic: Alprazolam --0.25 mg
Rate: Rs.1.23/1 Tablet

Alzep (0.50 mg), Tablet, Alprazolam

Generic: Alprazolam --0.50 mg
Rate: Rs.2.2/1 Tablet

Amlonorm-AT (50+5), Tablet, Atenolol

Generic: Atenolol --50 mg
Amlodipine --5 mg
Rate: Rs.1.75/1 Tablet

Cero (250 mg), Tablet, Cefuroxime

Generic: Cefuroxime --250 mg
Rate: Rs.33/1 Tablet

Gatti (400 mg), Tablet, Gatifloxacin

Generic: Gatifloxacin --400 mg
Rate: Rs.6.8/1 Tablet

Levohist (5 mg), Tablet, Levocetirizine

Generic: Levocetirizine --5 mg
Rate: Rs.2.4/1 Tablet

Need Fast PD (100+500), Tablet, Nimesulide

Generic: Nimesulide --100 mg
Paracetamol --500 mg
Rate: Rs.2.6/1 Tablet

Nervimin Forte, Capsule, Vit B6

Generic: Vit B6 --3 mg
Folic Acid (Vit B9) --2.5 mg
Vit B1 --10 mg
Mecobalamin --1500 mcg
Alpha Lipoic Acid --100 mg
Rate: Rs.7.7/1 Capsule

Panto UL (40 mg), Tablet, Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydrate

Generic: Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydrate --40 mg
Rate: Rs.4.8/1 Tablet

Razol (20 mg), Tablet, Rabeprazole

Generic: Rabeprazole --20 mg
Rate: Rs.3.8/1 Tablet

Razol D (20+10), Tablet, Domperidone

Generic: Domperidone --10 mg
Rabeprazole --20 mg
Rate: Rs.5.9/1 Tablet

Toflam PS (500+100+10), Tablet, Paracetamol

Generic: Paracetamol --500 mg
Serratiopeptidase --10 mg
Aceclofenac --100 mg
Rate: Rs.5.9/1 Tablet

Topflam (100 mg), Tablet, Aceclofenac

Generic: Aceclofenac --100 mg
Rate: Rs.2.3/1 Tablet

Topflam P (100+500), Tablet, Paracetamol

Generic: Paracetamol --500 mg
Aceclofenac --100 mg
Rate: Rs.2.9/1 Tablet