Adcock Ingram

List of Drugs, Medicines and other Pharmacy and Healthcare products manufactured by Adcock Ingram- a Pharma and Health care product manufacturer.

Adco-Dol– Acetaminophen
Adco-Flupain– Acetaminophen
Adco-Kiddipayne– Acetaminophen
Adco-Payne– Acetaminophen
Adco-Sinal Co– Acetaminophen
Asalen– Acetaminophen
Besemax– Acetaminophen
Besenol– Acetaminophen
Betaflex– Acetaminophen
Betapyn Syrup– Acetaminophen
Betapyn Tablets– Acetaminophen
Cetamine Syrup– Acetaminophen
Cetamine Tablets– Acetaminophen
Colcaps Syrup– Acetaminophen
Colcaps Tablets– Acetaminophen
Colcleer– Acetaminophen
Colstat– Acetaminophen
Dimiprol Tablets– Acetaminophen
Docdol– Acetaminophen
Dolerax– Acetaminophen
Doxyfene– Acetaminophen
Dynadol– Acetaminophen
Dynapayne Syrup– Acetaminophen
Dynapayne Tablets– Acetaminophen
Ennagesic– Acetaminophen
Entalgic– Acetaminophen
Famcod– Acetaminophen
Grippon Capsules– Acetaminophen
Grippon Syrup– Acetaminophen
Histamed Compound– Acetaminophen
Lentogesic Capsules– Acetaminophen
Lentogesic Syrup– Acetaminophen
Lesspain– Acetaminophen
Lotem– Acetaminophen
Medicod– Acetaminophen
Meprogesic– Acetaminophen
Mepromol Syrup– Acetaminophen
Mepromol Tablets– Acetaminophen
Mypaid– Acetaminophen
Myprodol– Acetaminophen
Napacod– Acetaminophen
Napamol– Acetaminophen
Nitecall– Acetaminophen
Nitrocod– Acetaminophen
Panado– Acetaminophen
Panado-Co– Acetaminophen
ParacetaCod– Acetaminophen
Paxidal– Acetaminophen
Prolief– Acetaminophen
Pynstop– Acetaminophen
Salterpyn Syrup– Acetaminophen
Salterpyn Tablets– Acetaminophen
Scriptogesic– Acetaminophen
Sinucon– Acetaminophen
Sinustop Tablets– Acetaminophen
Sinustop with Codeine– Acetaminophen
Spasmend– Acetaminophen
Stopayne– Acetaminophen
Stopayne Syrup– Acetaminophen
Synaleve Capsules– Acetaminophen
Synaleve Syrup– Acetaminophen
Synaleve Tablets– Acetaminophen
Synap– Acetaminophen
Syndette– Acetaminophen
Tenston SR– Acetaminophen
Tenston Syrup– Acetaminophen
Tenston Tablets– Acetaminophen
Trinagesic– Acetaminophen
Azomid– Acetazolamide
Covochol– Acetylcholine Chloride
Achromide– Acriflavine Chloride
AMS– Acriflavine Chloride
Acidex– Aluminum Hydroxide
Alusil– Aluminum Hydroxide
Aluspastyl– Aluminum Hydroxide
Dynagastrin– Aluminum Hydroxide
Gel-S– Aluminum Hydroxide
Kolantyl Gel– Aluminum Hydroxide
Kolantyl Wafers– Aluminum Hydroxide

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